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NSW Government shuts the network down – Members ready to work

Feb 21, 2022News RTBU News

Dear Members,

This morning the NSW Government made the drastic decision to shut down the Metropolitan and Intercity Rail Networks.

From 0000hrs on Monday, RTBU Train Crew members showed up to work and were advised to sign on and put on standby.

The first train cancelled this morning was at 0048hrs and in this pre-planned plot by the Government to cause maximum chaos to commuters around the State. That train was ready to depart, with passengers and crew aboard. Management removed everyone from the train and cancelled the service.

This morning, the Government went to the media and blatantly lied to the public saying that members were on “strike”. This was a deliberate move by the Government to try and turn the public against us.

Well, facts matter.

Fairly quickly the media picked up that members across the network were waiting for management to allow them to operate trains. To this time, members are still sitting around and waiting for jobs.

We are back in the Commission right now waiting to see what Sydney and NSW Trains want to do, but right now the ball is well and truly in their court.

If the Government changed its decision, trains could start up right now. But they just don’t care about the people of NSW.