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No diesel: NZ workers to create human train to protest diesel introduction

Apr 17, 2015Loco Express

Rail workers in New Zealand will create a human electric freight train outside the KiwiRail headquarters next week, to protest the proposed introduction of diesel trains.

KiwiRail and the New Zealand Government are considering replacing electric trains on the North Island Main Trunk line with 12 diesel trains.

The NIMT is almost completely electric. By buying diesel trains they risk abandoning this progress in favour of dirty, carbon intensive rail.

Investing in electric trains is a common-sense way to cut our carbon pollution and develop rail infrastructure that’s fit for the 21st century. Plus, refurbishing the electric locomotives would create jobs in New Zealand, which could be lost if KiwiRail downgrade to diesel.

You can support our NZ comrades by liking their Facebook page. 

– See more at: http://locoexpress.com.au/no-diesel-nz-workers-to-create-human-train-to-protest-diesel-introduction/#sthash.EasQv2L5.dpuf

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