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NIF update: Loco Division opposes DOO in its entirety

Mar 2, 2017Loco Express

Locomotive Division Passenger Vice President Dan Leece and Intercity Divisional Councillor Mick Bindley have been conducting a joint tour of NSW Trains’ inter-city depots with NSW Branch Secretary, Alex Claassens and a representative from the Guards’ Sub-Division.

During the tour NSW Trains management addressed RTBU operations members to inform them of their potential career options within rail entities following their decision to implement Driver Only Operation on the New Intercity Fleet (NIF). Obviously NSW Trains’ proposal for the future does not include guards.

The Locomotive Division attended the meetings alongside the RTBU Operations Division to provide support and voice its opposition to NSWTrains’ decision to eliminate 300 InterCity guards and implement Driver Only Operation.

Members should note that the Loco Division is opposed to Driver Only Operation in its entirety.

Our opposition is based on a range of reasons including the safety of drivers and the travelling public, as well as retention of employment within the guards’ ranks. We also share the concerns of disability and pensioner groups within the community.

RTBULD also has major concerns with driver fatigue, unreasonable increased workload, unproven technologies and the ability of drivers alone to cope with various degraded scenarios including train evacuations, fires on trains and unsociable behaviour.

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