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NIF Update 12 – FWC update

Nov 22, 2018News

Dear members,

The RTBU was back in the Fair Work Commission today over the longstanding New Intercity Fleet consultation dispute with NSW Trains.

The reason for relisting in the Commission was that following the Transport Minister’s announcement that the NIF train would not be driver only and would continue to be crewed by a driver and guard, the RTBU has frequently requested meetings with NSW Trains to understand what this announcement means practically for the affected members.

After several weeks of procrastination from NSW Trains and further conflicting correspondence, the RTBU had to act to try to secure your jobs  and conditions.

The Fair Work Commission has advised that meetings should occur over the next two weeks in order to resolve the above matters and both the RTBU and NSW Trains will go back to the Commission on 14 December 2018 to provide feedback on the progress of those meetings.

In Solidarity,


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