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Newcastle Truncation Update

Jan 20, 2015Bulletins

Bulletin 5, 2015

A meeting to address member concerns was held between management and RTBU Delegates representing Drivers, Guards and Station Staff 8th January 2015, withthe outcomes of these discussions resulted in the following:

Site Inductions and Training: All persons requiring having access to Hamilton station and the facilities (including the yard/sidings) will be/are being inducted and/or trained using the “Newcastle Truncation” documentation, (a package provided to individuals by management at the time of induction) going through the site specific and relevant sections. 

Since the induction process commenced a site inspection was conducted which identified significant hazards that has resulted in partitioning being erected around high voltage electrical equipment. It also identified some other hazards, all of these hazards should be included in any and all site inductions with the current “Newcastle Truncation” documentation updated.

Site Walk Through: members who request to “walk through” the areas specific to their role(s) should ensure that they advise management of this request so necessary rostering arrangements can be put in place. Management will make the necessary arrangements to allow requested “walk throughs” to take place.

Additionally, an issue of what “Piloting” meant was discussed and management stated that piloting is not training.  If a member of a train crew has a concern about their competence and/or confidence in relation to traversing the new route(s) they can request a “pilot” and or a “pilot” can be used to aid in the movement of the train.

Amalgamation and Division: There have been a number of reported incidents in relation to near misses during the process of amalgamating or dividing trains in the yard/sidings.  Members are reminded that a personal risk assessment should be conducted prior to attempting any procedure that has the potential to expose them to a hazard. If the risk assessment identifies that a risk exists, they should ensure that the appropriate level of worksite protection is requested and implemented “prior” to the amalgamation or division process taking place.

Workplace Facilities: Member feedback in relation to the workplace facilities has been mixed, some good and some not so good.

Member Survey: Given that member concerns continue to be on-going, the RTBU has put together an (8) question on-line survey.  This survey is to allow members to indicate their responses. This will enable the Union to collate the information and provide a record of concerns to Management.

When completing the survey please include your classification, name (optional) and comments in the “other” section(s) of the survey.

The on-line link is:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DQ2ZFSQ

Members who do not have internet access or have questions you can contact your local Delegate or Organiser Graham Fozzard. (gfozzard@rtbu-nsw.asn.au)  Mobile: 0400305066

Your participation in this survey will assist members by ensuring that your concerns are captured and addressed.

Note: The survey is confidential and personal details will not be provided to rail management.

Issued by: Authorised by:
Graham Fozzard


Robert Hayden

Assistant Branch Secretary (Rail)

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