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New InterCity Fleet: Update 21

Sep 13, 2019News

Dear members,

NSW Trains have advised the RTBU that they have finalised the consultation process regarding their proposed Operating Model for the New InterCity Fleet (NIF). This action follows the recent end to consultation on the NIF design.

The RTBU has grave concerns with both the NSW Trains operating model and the NIF design which we have articulated to NSW Trains on numerous occasions. Sadly, once again our concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

The concerns that we have raised about the safety of RTBU members as well as the travelling public of NSW have been dismissed.

It should now be more than obvious to members that NSW Trains’ attitude towards NIF consultation is purely a ‘tick and flick’ exercise. There has been no attempt to do anything other than to pay lip service to the RTBU as we try and protect both our members and the general public.

All members should be aware that the NIF will significantly impact on all current roles and responsibilities, with serious ramifications to job security in the operations areas a strong likelihood in the future. NSW Trains have also advised that the new Regional diesel fleet design will be along the lines of the NIF which obviously means the operating model will be similar. This will then further impact jobs across regional operations. Members should not think the NIF only affects train crew – nothing could be further from the truth.

Despite the platitudes NSW Trains are offering its staff in the recent ‘in the know’ sessions, members should be aware that they are not receiving all of the detail of the length and breadth of how their employment will be affected by the NIF.

Members should also recall that NSW Trains advised the RTBU that the removal of Traction Interlocking from the crew cab doors to allow adequate monitoring of the platform was “not feasible”. That has now proven to be factually incorrect and is actually a feasible option; however, NSW Trains have stated they will not remove it regardless of the issues raised by the RTBU – these concerns include dangers to members and the travelling public.

NSW Trains have ignored all the concerns of your Union throughout this entire process. The RTBU does not accept that consultation is closed and will always fight in the best interests of our members and for public safety.

The RTBU will continue to update members on the NIF project and will not rest until we have secured a safe workplace for our members and a safe service for the public.

In unity, 


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