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New Intercity Fleet (NIF) Update 23

Feb 18, 2020Bulletins

Bulletin: 5.20

The RTBU attended Fair Work Commission today in an attempt to resolve NIF related issues regarding consultation and NSW Trains attempt to change classifications and wages for NIF crew without consultation.

The ongoing matter of consultation has led to NSW Trains to finally allow RTBU delegate’s access to the NIF which is currently undertaking testing. NSW Trains has told the Commission that the RTBU may gain access as early as next week following repeated attempts by the RTBU to gain access to this train since its arrival in December 2019.

The matter of the wage and classification proposal tabled by NSW Trains in the “Your Guide to the New Intercity Fleet” booklet from November 2019 was discussed at length with Deputy President Sams directing both the RTBU and NSW Trains to hold discussions regarding the detail of their proposal. Hopefully from these discussions we will discover how it was arrived at.

The RTBU has reiterated to NSW Trains their inability to change wages/classifications outside of the upcoming EA process, with NSW Trains maintaining the view that they can make these changes under managerial prerogative. We made sure that it was clear that this remains our position despite these discussions.

The RTBU has reserved its position on this matter and at Deputy President Sams’ direction will commence discussions with NSW Trains in the near future for which members will be regularly updated.

The wage/classification issue remains in dispute and is an open matter before the Fair Work Commission.

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