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National Council ends year with a bang

Dec 16, 2019News

This year’s RTBU National Council ended 2019 with a bang. It was incredible to hear from organisers across the country and remember that we are part of a larger fight against the erosion of workers’ rights.

Speakers included new RTBU National Secretary Mark Diamond, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese, and ACTU Secretary Sally McManus.

“We won’t be using the next few years to merely survive,” said Mr Diamond. “We’ll be taking the fight to our adversaries and we will thrive.”

“When one person activates, when one union activates, other follow. When others follow, we gain momentum. When momentum builds, we become unstoppable.”

“Let me assure you: you are on the right side of history, and don’t you forget it.”

Despite our many challenges in NSW, our friends across the nation are fighting similar battles. It’s with national solidarity that we power into 2020, strong and united against all who oppose workers’ rights.

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