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Moss Vale cleaners protest outside local MP office

Dec 13, 2019News

Local Moss Vale cleaners who work cleaning intercity trains will protest outside local MP Wendy Tuckerman’s office on Friday 13 December – furious at the local MPs ongoing refusal to commit to meet with them.

Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) NSW Secretary, Alex Claassens, said the local MP has refused to meet with the workers from her electorate whose jobs at risk as a result of the NSW Government’s decision to privatise the cleaning services on intercity train services.

“The NSW Government is attempting to privatise the cleaning of our intercity trains. That means they’re willing to sacrifice the cleanliness of our trains and people’s jobs in order to save a buck.

“That means that the jobs of local Moss Vale cleaners are at risk.

“Wendy Tuckerman has refused to commit to a meeting with the local cleaners whose jobs are on the chopping block. These are people who live in her electorate who are heading into Christmas not knowing whether they’ll have a job in the new year.

“We all know that jobs are hard to come by in regional towns like Moss Vale. You’d think a decent local member would at least have enough respect for local workers to sit down and listen to their concerns.

“We’re hoping that the local MP catches a dose of the festive spirit and decides to discuss with local workers how she can best ensure their jobs are protected.”

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