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More job cuts at PN coal

Jun 21, 2017Loco Express

PN Coal has advised the RTBU that it has decided to axe two more Driver Trainer roles at Port Waratah. This is in spite of the fact that our members have been advising us for months that training is behind schedule and they have been waiting and waiting to have a Driver Trainer available to obtain their qualifications.

Consultation After The Fact

Pacific National issued their letter to meet the start of their consultation obligation. Members are urged to provide feedback to Pacific National and question this decision. Examples of your own training situation should be given.

The RTBU will carefully examine this decision and ensure Pacific National complies with its full obligations.

This only confirms our concerns on casualisation via the use of labor hire within Pacific National, as the reduction of Driver trainers means the reduction in training and the increased use of labor hire will result in not only limited, but NO TRAINING.

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