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Minister’s unfounded attack not worth the paper it’s written on

Nov 21, 2014RTBU News

The Auditor General released its report into our transport system this week – and the results weren’t very flattering for the Transport Minister.

The report found that complaints about our train services had skyrocketed, with complaints about timetabling alone jumping by close to 1000% compared with last year’s figures.

The other areas in which complaints have soared are security and information – hardly surprising given the huge job loss in security and ticket seller jobs.

The RTBU hit out in the media, saying that the Minister’s job cuts have led to a clear decrease in customer service. You can see our media release here.

In response to the RTBU’s media comments, the Transport Minister has launched a disgraceful and unfounded attack on train crew, suggesting that we’re are sitting around twiddling their thumbs instead of driving trains.

As we told the media, the Minister knows just as well as we do that that is blatantly untrue. We work to schedules which are computer generated, and as for the fact that “part of [drivers] employment agreement mandates they inspect trains before they drive them” – of course it does! We’re not sure about the Minster’s views, but we certainly believe the safety of the travelling public is the most important thing at the end of the day.

The Minister’s attack was a cheap shot with no substance at all.

As one of our members said on Facebook of the statistic the Minister is using inappropriately:

“I believe they count time actually driving, and everything else. Drivers on leave, in training, on secondment, injured, sick, off the road, signing on and off, prepping, stabling, walking, meal breaks, standby, report – versus driving.”

Click here to see the full statement from RTBU Secretary Alex Claassens.

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