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Ministers’ commitment on the NIF and further industrial action

Arising from the commitments given by the Transport Minister on Tuesday, on Thursday 10 February we sought confirmation on his commitment regarding the NIF.

Specifically, we asked for confirmation that his commitment meant:

  • The Agreement (or Agreements) will contain a term prohibiting the use of Driver Only Operations.
  • Enable the crew cab door to open as the train is arriving at the platform and remain open as the train departs the platform.
  • Reposition the bell and passenger door controls to the crew cab door to allow the Guard to supervise the boarding and alighting process and provide an “Absolute Right of Way”.
  • Move the CCTV monitors in the crew cabs to allow them to be used as an aide for the Guard in the departure process while standing at the open crew cab door, and to ensure the Driver is not distracted while driving the train.
  • Alteration to infrastructure to ensure that the Guard is in a crew cab (not the drivers crew cab) that is on the platform at all times
  • Mandated procedures on the following:
  1. Station Staff or On-Board Repeater’s ability to indicate to the Guard both visually and audibly that it is safe to commence the departure process.
  2. The Guard to be the primary source of accountability for the departure process.
  3. The Guard is to visually and audibly manage the platform train interface.
  4. CCTV screens in drivers cab to be turned off, at all time.
  • No inward facing in-cab camera will be operative in the crew cabs.

We also sought confirmation that this commitment had equal application to the New Regional Fleet (NRF) project given the reference to Passenger Service Supervisors (PSS). Once we receive a response from the Minister, we will inform members accordingly.

Further industrial action for Train Crew

During the week, Drivers and Guards delegates held meetings and endorsed a new suite of actions commencing from 21 February 2022 and running for a full fortnight. These actions are:

  • Continuing the Overtime Ban
  • Continuing the Foreign Depot working ban
  • Train Crew will not accept altered working
  • Train Crew to sign on and off at their appointed Home Depot.
  • Train Crew to not accept any change to their current Master Roster
  • Train Crew will not accept transpositions slips
  • Regional Drivers will not accept changes to current timetabled stopping patterns

These bans were made possible because of the new PAB which was successful last Wednesday. We don’t know how Sydney Trains and NSW Trains will respond to these bans, and we will provide members information as soon as it comes to hand.