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Minister’s attack on bus drivers a disgrace

May 24, 2017Media releases News

RTBU Bus Division Secretary Chris Preston has slammed Minister Constance’s deliberate attacks on Sydney’s bus drivers through the media as an absolute disgrace.

“None of the complaints the Minister has leaked to the Daily Telegraph are a reason to privatise buses.”

“They may be reason to rethink the government’s disastrous WestConnex plan, implement more realistic timetables or better manage a stressed workforce, but they are not a reason to privatise buses.”

“The fact is there are incidents in every workplace and processes to deal with them – that’s normal.”

“What’s not normal is a Minister using the media like a blunt instrument to bludgeon his own workers.”

“Everyone knows that Sydney traffic during peak time is a disaster.”

“In the last 16 years, Sydney’s population has increased by one million people.”

“In the inner west alone there are over 216,000 registered cars.”

“Bus drivers are stuck in traffic just like everyone else.”

“If people are complaining about overcrowded buses or infrequent bus services, then Minister Constance should put on more services.”

“This Government has been in power for six years now. They alone are responsible for the system’s failures, not hard working bus drivers.”

“The truth is the Minister lacks the character and temperament to run our transport system.”

“’It’s time for the Premier to issue him with a one-way ticket out of this portfolio.”

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