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Minister reveals true motive behind transport decisions

Aug 17, 2017Media releases

MEDIA RELEASE                                                                                       17 August 2017


Minister reveals true motive behind transport decisions. Hint: it’s not the needs of the public


The NSW Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, has revealed he is more interested in attacking workers than he is in fixing the state’s ailing public transport systems and improving commuter safety – an insight which should come as a huge concern to the travelling public.

In an address to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia yesterday, the Minister gloated about a day when there would be no train and bus drivers in the state, because it would mean he wouldn’t have to deal with their unions.

Rail, Tram and Bus Union NSW Secretary, Alex Claassens said it is incredibly disappointing insight into what is driving the Minister’s public transport decisions.

“The Minister has revealed in his speech to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia that he is more interested in attacking unions than he is in finding the best possible solutions to our state’s public transport issues. It explains some of his ridiculous decisions of late, but it’s a serious concern,” Mr Claassens said. 

“He’s pushing for the introduction of driverless buses and trains not because he believes it’s the best option, but because he thinks it will mean he won’t have to deal with unions anymore.

“There are very serious safety concerns around driverless transport, but the Minister doesn’t seem to care. The disrespect he’s showing workers and commuters is disgraceful. 

“This should be a huge concern to commuters. The Minister is playing games with their safety. 

“Figures released today show our trains are at breaking point, with a 20 per cent increase in passenger numbers this year. There are very serious issues that need to be addressed by the Minister, but he’s too busy playing games.

“NSW deserves a Minister who is looking out for their needs, but his speech yesterday has shown he’s not taking his job seriously and is making decisions based on personal interest, not public need.

“NSW’s public transport workers are among the best, most qualified in the world. The Minister should be seeking their advice, not looking at ways to get rid of them.”


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