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Minimum standards must be met at Travelodge

Oct 26, 2016Loco Express

The Loco Division has been made aware that the Travelodge has closed level 2 and moved train crew to level 17 for a period of time to conduct “refurbishments” on level 2. It was revealed that these “refurbishments” actually entailed removing the train crew recreation room and replacing it with four additional rooms.

The original arrangements for the closure of Eveleigh barracks and the awarding of the contract to the Travelodge all met the Loco Division’s minimum standards for accommodation, however the removal of the kitchen area now means the Travelodge does not meet that standard. 

The RTBU was informed only after the works had already commenced, and we immediately began discussions regarding maintaining the original standard at the Travelodge, or NSW Trains seeking alternate arrangements. We’ll keep you informed as this matter progresses.

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