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Millennium changes

Jul 11, 2014Loco Express

Changes to the Millennium trains are currently occurring at Cardiff, including the installation of new driver and guard secured seats similar to those already in use on various other rolling stock.

The move follows consultation with both the RTBU and WHS representatives and is a much needed replacement for the original Millennium seats.

16 seats will originally be installed for trial purposes and members are requested to supply feedback through the appropriate trial forms or contact the RTBU Locomotive Division or the Divisions WHS co-ordinate, Keith McMahon on 0411430900. The Internal Emergency Door Release (IEDR) system is also to be installed at the same time and also following appropriate consultation.

It has also been discovered that a software modification is occurring at the same time to include the installation of an audible alarm known as a Guards Aid that indicates when the Traction Interlock is deactivated by the correct closure of all train passenger doors.

This equipment is already installed on existing rolling stock however, no consultation appears to have occurred with either the RTBU or WHS, and even management themselves were unaware of the change.

The major issue with this change is that the audible alarm was actually sounding in the drivers cab as well as in the guards’ cab, causing an unnecessary distraction to the driver.

Thanks to the efforts of vigilant members bringing this to the attention of the Loco Division, the equipment has now been disabled until work is conducted to ensure it works in the appropriate cab. Due consultation is also set to occur with the RTBU.