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Metro Trains Sydney (MTS) Update: RTBU Awaits Federal Court Decision

Apr 17, 2019Bulletins

Bulletin: 32/19

To:  Sydney Train Guards,

Metro Trains Sydney (MTS) Update:

RTBU Awaits Federal Court Decision



The RTBU recently filed in the Federal Court of Australia (FCA) to challenge the decision of Metro Trains Sydney (MTS) to terminate the employment of the RTBU delegate in the workplace. It is our view that MTS terminated our delegate because of his involvement in the union and, in particular, for his petitioning around a Majority Support Determination (MSD) for operational employees at MTS.


Our Director of Organising and our senior counsel appeared in the FCA last week and a decision will be handed down tomorrow morning. We will advise all members of the outcome as soon as it has been decided.


In the meantime, it is absolutely imperative that the MSD continues to receive support and that members sign the petition and return it to the RTBU at metro@rtbu-nsw.asn.au.


All operational workers deserve an Enterprise Agreement that properly regulates the work that is being done, and the MSD will help the RTBU achieve that outcome. If you have not already signed and returned the MSD petition, please do so as a matter of urgency. The RTBU can only progress the matter once at least 50% of members (or potential members) have signed the MSD, so we require as many signatures as possible.


If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please contact the RTBU on (02) 9264 2511 or email metro@rtbu-nsw.asn.au.

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Authorised by:

Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary

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