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Members Log of Claims for the Airport Link Company Enterprise Agreement

Jun 23, 2017Bulletins

Bulletin 25 – 2017

To All: RTBU Members – Airport Link Company

A draft Log of Claims (LOC) has been formulated using the outstanding response to the RTBU Member Survey for the Airport Link Company (ALC) Enterprise Agreement 2017. The LOC will form the basis of our discussions with the company during the negotiations with a goal of improving your conditions at work.

The cost of living in Australia continues to rise with wage growth remaining stagnant. We have a government that supports the cuts to penalty rates while giving themselves a pay rise on the same day the cuts come into effect.

We are in the worst state of inequality in the past 70 years with statistics showing company profits are on an average 40% increase with wages sitting at a 2% increase per annum.

Protecting and improving your conditions at work is more important now than it has been for the last decade.

Your support for the LOC is crucial, these are your claims and this is your enterprise agreement, therefore, we will be arranging visits to each station to present the draft LOC to you for discussion and your endorsement.

We are hoping to hold these visits by mid July 2017.

Due to ALC’s ever increasing profits and exploding customer numbers, your bargaining representatives are of the position that employees at ALC deserve sufficient improvements to their working conditions and a fair pay rise for all their hard work and commitment you have given to the company over the past 4 years and for the years to come.

You should get some recognition from the company for your continued impressive performances in a challenging customer driven environment.

We are looking forward to catching up with all union members in the coming month. We will forward out a bulletin with times, dates and locations hopefully within the next 2 weeks.

In Unity!