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Member Alert: Working with Children Check

Jul 14, 2014Loco Express

Members are advised that they are not required to undertake the Working with Children Check and pay the $80 fee until 31 March, 2015.
It would be unwise to pay much before this date given that you are fully covered (for free) until 31 March, 2015.

If you are considering paying the $80 fee more than one month early, the advice from your union is to wait. You will only be starting your five year, $80 coverage at a time when you are already covered for free.

The union will continue to advise STA that while RTBU members are happy to participate in the Working with Children Check, we don’t understand why the Baird Government is charging wage earners $80 when there has never been a fee in the past. The RTBU will continue to point out that this $80 ‘cash grab’ is unfair and that our members require some type of assistance in dealing with the additional expense.

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