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Medical Mayhem at NSW Trains

Aug 10, 2017Loco Express

NSW Trains are currently experiencing a shortage of drivers which we believe has only been exacerbated by a failure of those responsible to provide due notification for drivers about Category 1 medical examinations.

At the Sydney depot this week alone, three drivers were not provided their notification within the allowable timeframe, resulting in them being unable to operate trains until they receive their medical clearance. In another case, a driver had follow up testing done, as requested by the provider, who we believe subsequently failed to pass on the test findings to the business. That driver can no longer operate trains until the information is received.

The above instances are only the tip of the iceberg with numerous issues regarding medical related matters being reported now on an almost daily basis. The RTBU has raised these and other concerns with management, as affected members will experience a negative financial outcome, despite the problem being due to the failings of someone else.

Members are requested to advise their local delegate or the RTBU Locomotive Division Head Office if they are experiencing any difficulties with their medical or its associated requirements.