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Media Release: Transport workers remind commuters to be respectful as storm causes mayhem on the roads and the tracks

Nov 28, 2018Media releases

Transport workers are calling on commuters not to take their anger out on frontline workers today as the city’s roads and tracks are struck with major delays.


Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) NSW Secretary, Alex Claassens said that on days like today, transport workers are doing everything they can to ensure commuters travel safely – so to stay patient and respectful as everyone copes with the ripple effects of the storm.
“Unfortunately we know major storms can impact the buses and trams on our roads and the trains on our tracks. Transport workers are doing everything they can this morning to ease the chaos.


“Commuters need to remember to be respectful and not to take their frustration out about delays from todays storm out on workers.”


“It’s not surprising that the storm is causing havoc across the network – we already know that Sydney’s timetable has very little capacity to deal with incidents, so add a major storm in the mix and we’re likely to see the network struggle.


“With a storm like this, workers who might be resolving multiple signal failures or retrieving branches off tracks across multiple lines is likely to cause some serious travel disruption.


“We’d like to remind the travelling public to please stay patient and respect your local transport workers today as they do their best to move hundreds of thousands of commuters safely across the state.” Mr Claassens said.

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