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Media Release – Sydney’s most dangerous bus routes revealed

A survey of bus drivers has revealed the city’s most violent bus routes, with some unexpected results.

Crime statistics show that more than 1925 assaults have taken place on buses, at bus stops, or at depots since 2011 – more than one assault per day.

Bus Union Secretary Chris Preston said that attacks don’t always occur where you would expect.

“Violent assaults on passengers and drivers aren’t just confined to one route or one area. Drivers always have to be wary for their own safety and the safety of customers,” Mr Preston said.

“Particularly bad are the 545 and 513 routes to the west, the 470 and 431 in the city, and even the L90 to the northern beaches.

“After dark, you just never know what is going to happen, especially on the NightRide buses, and drivers feel even more vulnerable.”

Mr Preston said more needs to be done to protect all bus users.

“When you’re driving a bus you’ve got no security guard and nowhere to go if a member of the public behaves in a threatening manner,” Mr Preston said.

“These offenders think they can take advantage of situations to intimidate and harass public transport workers and passengers.

“The government needs to get serious about installing safety screens on all buses in the fleet, and we need dedicated transit officers for buses because the current ‘flying squad’ model just doesn’t work when you need them most.”

With the government claiming that assaults are falling, the lived experience for drivers and passengers tells a different story.