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Media Release: Sydney timetable revelations appalling, workers

Apr 19, 2018News

Revelations that transport officials knew the new timetable was destined to be a disaster before it was introduced shows how little respect the Transport Minister and the NSW Government has for the travelling public, rail workers say.


Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) NSW Secretary, Alex Claassens, said this report highlights that the NSW Government is shrouding our transport projects in secrecy from the public, and it’s commuters who are wearing the cost for this Government’s incompetence.


“These reports show that they knew the timetable was destined to fail. Why then push ahead and introduce it?” Mr Claassens said.


“It doesn’t surprise me that this report was floating around. Anyone with any insight into how the system works at all could tell you that it was destined to fail.


“The government didn’t consult with the workers – the people who know about how the systems work. Had that happened, maybe we wouldn’t have ended up in this mess.


“Suggestions that some important information is being kept from managers because of ‘political sensitivities’ is absolutely appalling. The needs of commuters far outweigh the desire to not to embarrass the government.


“Our public transport systems aren’t a political toy. These are essential services that we rely on every single day. We need a Government that makes decisions transparently and consults with the community and the workforce.


“We’re waking up today to news that the Government knew about the timetable disaster and they are now overseeing the light rail that is going to be 12 months late at least. That’s on top of the bus privatisation and Newcastle transport messes.


“This is also the Government who are selling off our Epping to Chatswood rail line this year to a Hong Kong company.


“Not to mention the privatisation of inner west buses to begin on July 1. This is what commuters of NSW have to look forward to.”