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Media release: Sydney Metro fails the basics in week one

May 31, 2019Media releases News

The Sydney Metro is proving to be the debacle that rail workers predicted it would be, with commuters being forced to deal with a system plagued with problems in its first week of operation.

Rail, Tram and Bus Union NSW Secretary, Alex Claassens said the driverless system was always destined to be a debacle.

“In its first week, the Sydney Metro has failed to prove it is capable of doing the two basic tasks required of a driverless train – driving and stopping,” Mr Claassens said.

“We’ve seen commuters forced onto replacement buses, people left stranded in between stations with no information, delays, and serious automatic door problems. And that’s after less than a week.

“We’re lucky we haven’t seen any major safety incidents as yet, but unfortunately the signs are very worrying.

“Since it opened on the weekend, we’ve seen the service plagued with issues every day.

“These incidents are exactly why we need drivers and staff on board trains to ensure the safety of the travelling public at all times.

“Those running the Sydney Metro have refused to engage with the experts – the workers – at all during this process. It shows.”

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