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Media Release – Statement on the NIF

“After years of backroom deals, details of the NIF are finally being made public,” RTBU Secretary Alex Claassens said.

“The government have kept their plans under wraps because they know that taking guards away from trains will be seen for what it is – a simple cash grab at the expense of commuters.

“The government’s intention is very clear that they want the New InterCity Fleet to be driver only, removing the vital services of guards and the important role they play on our trains.

“It is clear that this government knows the cost of everything, but the value of nothing, when it comes to removing important customer service roles.

“The government doesn’t know or doesn’t care about the important role guards play on our trains and the services they provide to keep passengers safe, and help those who need extra assistance.

“Guards don’t just make announcements – they make sure that passengers on our trains and platforms are safe, they assist passengers in wheelchairs and with prams who use our trains, and they provide assistance to drivers if something goes wrong.

“With the government continuing to cut station staff, and if they remove guards as well, soon even more stations will be inaccessible to people with a disability or with prams.

“This is just another example of the Baird Government putting profits ahead of people.”

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