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Media Release – Privatisation of rail services would hit commuters hard

The price of travelling on our rail network would skyrocket if the NSW Government moves to sell off Sydney’s train network.

Rail, Tram and Bus Union NSW Secretary Alex Claassens said the NSW Government’s feverish desire to sell of vital public assets will cost the public, and workers, dearly.

The call comes after it was revealed the Government is looking at documents suggesting a sell-off of the rail network.

“Selling off our train network would result in fewer jobs, a decrease in services and an increase in cost to commuters. The only winners would be shareholders of the big company who purchases it,” Mr Claassens.

“The NSW Government has a responsibility to provide a safe, affordable and efficient train network for Sydney commuters. Shirking that basic responsibility should never be an option.

“You only need to look as far as the airport line to see what happens to ticket prices when private companies are put in charge.

“Businesses are there to make money; simple as that. And they’ll do whatever it takes to do that, even if that means jacking up the price of tickets, cutting jobs and cutting corners.

“At the end of the day, if the NSW Government sells off our train network, commuters and workers will suffer.

“This is short-term thinking from the NSW Government. We need to see the Transport Minister and the Premier come out and completely rule out any move to privatise our rail network. Having an each-way bet simply isn’t good enough – the people of NSW deserve better.

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