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Media Release – NSW Govt’s real motives behind rail line rip up revealed

Revelations that the NSW Government is selling off Newcastle’s heavy rail corridor to property developers is proof that the government decision to rip up the rail line was never made in the interest of the travelling public.

Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) Newcastle organiser Steve Wright said today’s announcement that the rail corridor will hold at least a dozen new buildings under a rezoning proposal recently lodged shows what the NSW Government’s true motives have always been.

“This is proof of what the community has been saying since the very beginning – that the decision to tear up our rail line was simply a case of the NSW Government cosying up to the private sector,” Mr Wright said.

“While most cities around the world are working to improve their public transport systems, the NSW Government ripped up the rail line that ran straight into the heart of Newcastle, leaving commuters stranded.

“The removal of the heavy rail line has been disastrous for the travelling public, particularly our less-able commuters.

“The NSW Government’s true motives are now very clear. When it comes to the Baird Government, the interests of property developers are more important than the needs of the broader community.

“It’s disgraceful that the desires of property developers would be put ahead of the public transport needs of the region.

“The NSW Premier owes the Newcastle community an explanation as to why the true reason for the rail line being torn up is only now being revealed.”

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