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Mind the gap. Minister’s new, dodgy trains a safety disaster

Aug 11, 2017Media releases

Media Release – August 11, 2017

Mind the gap: Minister’s new, dodgy trains a safety disaster

The safety of Blue Mountains train commuters will be put at real risk by the NSW Transport Minister’s ridiculous decision to purchase trains that don’t fit on the current tracks.

Reports today reveal that stretches of track in the Blue Mountains will have to be shifted or replaced and stations and overhead wires altered to make the line between Springwood and Lithgow suitable for the new fleet of intercity trains.

Rail, Tram and Bus Union Secretary, Alex Claassens, said one major concern – among many – is the fact that the changes to stations will mean the gap between the platform and the current fleet of trains will be incredibly wide and hazardous.

“This is a bungle of epic proportions,” Mr Claassens said. “Unfortunately this is just the latest example of the Transport Minister thinking more about profits than the needs and safety of the community.”

“Not only will Blue Mountains commuters be incredibly inconvenienced by all the work required to move lines and stations, but their safety is going to be put at real risk. We’re going to see a gaping hole between the platform and the train as a result of these works.

“If the Minister had bothered to consult the union and other experts, and done the proper risk assessments, he would have known about all of these issues.

“The gap between platform and train at a number of stops in the Blue Mountains area is already quite large – this move is going to make that even bigger. It’s a safety disaster.

“And that’s not to mention all the other issues with these hastily purchased trains. We’ve told the Minister these trains were a terrible purchase, but it seems he cares more about his coffers than he does the commuters of Sydney.”

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