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Media Release – Government attempts to bypass community on rail rip up

The NSW Transport Minister’s attempt to sneak through legislation allowing it to rip up rail lines whenever it wants, will allow the Government to demolish public transport in local areas without any consultation with the community, workers have warned.
Rail, Tram and Bus Union NSW Secretary Alex Claassens said the move is a blatant attempt tobypass the scrutiny of Parliament in order to sell off the often valuable land under our rail lines.   
“The NSW Government is addicted to selling off our vital assets. It knows there’s money to be made by selling off the land rail lines are built on, so it wants to be able to do that whenever and wherever it wants, without the local community or the Parliament interfering,” Mr Claassens.
“This isn’t critical legislation at all. This is merely a sneaky attempt to avoid vital Parliament and community scrutiny.
“The Government showed complete disrespect for the people of Newcastle recently when it fought a local community group in court for the right to rip up rail lines there recently.
“We can’t afford to allow that to happen elsewhere. Our rail lines are vital pieces of public infrastructure. They shouldn’t be seen as pots of gold waiting to be sold off to property
“It’s high time this State Government starting putting the needs of the travelling public first.“If this legislation were to pass through Parliament it would be a disaster for local communities whose local public transport would be put at immediate risk.”
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