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Maternity uniforms needed

Jul 10, 2015Bus Express

Recently the Daily Telegraph reported a bus driver working for a private company who was still driving buses while heavily pregnant with a baby due in just days.

“Driving buses is a really pregnancy-friendly job because I’m sitting down,” the woman told the Daily Telegraph.

At the most recent RTBU Women’s Campaigns Committee meeting, inflexibility of shifts was a common problem for staff members who have care responsibilities.

Another issue raised was the uniform – STA does not provide a maternity option, which compromises the comfort of staff members who are pregnant.

Currently if you are a pregnant employee your only option is to request a ‘made to measure’ uniform which would cost you extra out of your uniforms allowance.

With only 8 per cent of STA employees female, it’s clear there is a big issue with recruiting and retaining women.

Are you a female bus driver with care responsibilities? What do you think could be improved?

Let us know: info@busexpress.com.au

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