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Malcolm Turnbull’s quest for power leaves him at odds with the electorate

Aug 25, 2016Loco Express

Poll findings in the latest Essential Report show that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s compromises have left him at odds with the majority of the electorate.

“To secure the numbers, Malcolm Turnbull had to ditch the social policies that differentiated him, not just from his party but from self-serving politicians in general,” Peter Lewis writes in The Guardian. “On climate change Turnbull was forced to succumb to the very policy he had been killed in the ditch over, while on same sex marriage he had to sign up with Abbott’s desperate plebiscite ploy to hold back the inevitable tide.”
The conflict at the heart of the Turnbull coalition, he argues, is that the PM is trying to sell “a government that is more socially conservative than the Australian electorate, but more economically liberal.”
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