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Major Station Upgrading

Jul 18, 2017Bulletins

Bulletin 35 – 2017

To: RTBU Sydney Trains Station Staff Members,

RTBU members at Harris Park and Croydon Station have had a recent win with an allowance being paid for disruptive major works that forced members to deal with additional challenges at work.

Despite management failing to notify your RTBU leadership about the major upgrade work (which is a requirement of your workplace agreement), RTBU members came together to insist that a disability assessment was completed at the affected locations.

When the disability assessment was conducted at Harris Park and Croydon Stations, it was found that the impact of the upgrade was major. This means members get an allowance of $0.39 per hour, which will be back paid to when the work started and will be paid until the work is completed.

Is your station being upgraded now or preparing for an upgrade? If yes, contact your RTBU Organiser today for support organising an assessment of the impact of the work.

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