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Lunacy as buses clock up multiple trips to the moon and back

Aug 26, 2016Bus Express

Earth_moon_distance.jpg.CROP.original-originalIn no shock to drivers, nearly a third of buses in the Sydney Buses fleet have clocked up enough kilometres to travel to the moon and back.

The number of buses that have travelled the round trip of 756,000 kilometres has grown by 136 in the past year from 500 buses in 2015 to 636 in 2016.

Based out of Kingswood, the most travelled bus has covered 1,571,195km on Sydney’s roads since it picked up its first passenger 23 years ago in 1993.

Despite the fleet becoming increasing worn down, the Baird Government has only added 13 new buses in the last six months.

While there was investment in buses promised in the recent State Budget, the government appears to be dragging its feet in the hopes that the problem gets so bad they have a reason to bring in the private sector to run more services.

Despite the government pledging a new double decker B-Line fleet for the northern beaches and the northwest, there is still no work on whether this will be run by the government or sold off to a private operator.

Drivers should be commended for their efforts in providing a high quality service despite

Read the article in the Daily Telegraph here.

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