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Loco Division stands with Sydney bus drivers

May 19, 2017Loco Express
The Loco Division is standing with Sydney bus drivers who are protesting the NSW Government’s announcement that they will privatise bus services across the inner west.
This decision will mean 1,200 public transport workers will lose their jobs. These are the very same workers who received assurances just last December that their jobs were safe for five years.
Divisional Secretary Bob Hayden said that the decision to privatise is a complete betrayal to workers and the inner west community. He said private operators will slash less popular and less profitable routes and cut maintenance costs, leaving the public stranded and putting their safety at risk.
“Transport Minister Constance decided to privatise almost a third of the network with absolutely no consultation with either bus drivers or the community,” said Mr Hayden.
“This is just the start – it’s clear the NSW Government intends to privatise the entire public transport network.
“The Loco Division will stand with our colleagues in the Bus Division every step of the way as they fight this devastating decision.”
You can support bus drivers by taking action via the new campaign page ‘Complain to Constance’.
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