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Loco division stands in solidarity with our colleagues in Norway

Oct 7, 2016Loco Express

Our colleagues in the Norwegian National Union of Locomotivemen (NLF) are currently participating in a national legal strike over the refusal to establish a common national standard for locomotive drivers’ training.

The NLF says that over the last year several attempts have been made to lower the training and competence levels for drivers for cost-saving reasons, forcing the union to report it to the police.

The RTBU Loco Division stands in solidarity with the NLF and agrees that the railway sector must not cut costs at the expense of safety. We have written to the CEO of Norwegian State Railways to express our support for the NLF and our position that driver training is of the upmost importance for rail safety and should be standardised to facilitate a high standard, while at the same time allowing drivers to be employed throughout the industry.

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