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Loco Division fights for fair rosters at Campbelltown depot

Jun 15, 2017Loco Express

The Locomotive Division wishes to report on an ongoing roster issue playing out at Campbelltown Depot.

The Depot Rebalancing program operating under the Future Operations umbrella has seen a significant uplift in numbers of train crew based at Campbelltown.

These moves, already delayed due to insufficient and incomplete crew facilities, are now posing further problems as a result of work, originally slated to accompany these drivers to Campbelltown, being reallocated to other depots to further support Sydney Trains’ attempt to sectorisation at all costs.

At the core of issue is a long standing Enterprise Agreement protection limiting drivers to four mileage jobs per fortnight. With the business touting “improved efficiency” in producing jobs with ever-increasing mileages Campbelltown are now faced with the impossible task of constructing a roster in line with EA Rostering Principles (Conditions of Employment) that can offer some semblance of equality and a work/life balance.

These developments leave the Locomotive Division asking; “of what value is this increased efficiency if it can only be utilised by Sydney Trains attempting to break EA conditions?”

Of great concern is a proposal to create lines of work with such a large “spread of hours” that drivers will be essentially be forced to swap jobs to achieve any consistency in start times, circumventing our industrial protection and conditions of employment.

Loco Division reps continue to meet with Sydney Trains and are committed to enforcing a roster construction that both adheres to industrial agreements and considers our members’ quality of life and family life.

The Loco Division commends the Campbelltown Sub-Division for their steadfast protection of our hard-fought conditions and encourages all members to stand united in ensuring our agreements are honoured.

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