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Liverpool Station Staff Review

Mar 13, 2014RTBU News

To RTBU Station Staff Members –

A Staff Review was held on 5th March 2014 at Liverpool Station with representatives from the RTBU and Sydney Trains in attendance. The trigger for the review was the commissioning of Platform 4 at Liverpool Station, additionally there was also the issue that the staff duty sheets did not reflect the commissioning of Platform 4 and station staff were being shuffled around to cover the additional workload.

As part of the procedure the representatives went through the current resources for Liverpool and confirmed the establishment list.  It was noted by the RTBU representatives that the staff and duty sheets tabled by Sydney Trains were dated the 24th February 2014. This was after the date that Sydney Trains were notified that the RTBU members requested a review.

Sydney Trains stated that they requested the new staff and duty sheets in December and assumed this was done. There was discussion about the time irregularities between the request of the review which was the 20th February and the distribution of the amended staff duty sheets. This was due to the new staff duty sheets addressing many of the grounds for the review.

Sydney Trains informed the RTBU representatives and showed the timeline graph that supported the belief that they do require extra coverage. The reasons given were:

  • There has been a 70% reduction in rail traffic since platform 4 was commissioned
  • The Train Guard is responsible for duties such as termination of trains and wheelchairs.
  • The new staff duty sheets address the remainder of the issues.

Due to the above reasons the Delegates accepted the figures from the review and the amended staff and duty sheets. However, the RTBU requested the following:

  • A roster be developed that reflects the working locations for station staff
  • The local Station Duty Managers to have a consistent approach to manage afternoon shift
  • Station Staff are not to be rostered for major station cleans. If there is a shortage for this, it is to be covered by cleaning.

Sydney Trains agreed to the above. If members have any further questions or comments please contact your local Delegate or the RTBU office.

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