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Latest on the rail impacts of the NSW weather disaster

Apr 30, 2015News

The Hunter Valley line is now fully operational, with the first trains running Thursday morning.

Unfortunately the North Coast line is still not operational, and won’t be for at least another three weeks.

The RTBU has been in regular contact with the ARTC and Pacific National since the disaster left some tracks in disrepair, in an attempt to ensure everything possible is done to minimise the chances of workers being stood down.

Pacific National has now confirmed that a temporary transport terminal is in the process of being set up at Kempsey in order to ensure workers are given every possibility to continue to work and that supplies can get to their intended destination.

Unfortunately, despite numerous requests from the union, Aurizon Intermodal Division has moved to stand down workers across NSW, which includes workers from depots like Junee which are a long way from the affected area. The RTBU is working around the clock to find out exactly what the company’s plans are and to ensure any further stand downs are minimised.

If you have any concerns at all during this very difficult time, please don’t hesitate to contact your local delegate or the RTBU office.

Rail lines blown up

Below is footage of the track near Tocal. ARTC has used explosive cutting along parts of the severely impacted line.

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