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Key stations left without a single security guard

Aug 31, 2015RTBU News

The RTBU is appalled by the NSW Government’s decision to leave key Sydney stations without a single security guard.

NSW State Secretary Alex Claassens said it was clear we needed more security on our transport network, not less.

“Sydney’s trains and stations are dangerous places and this Government has already drastically reduced the number of security staff by removing dedicated Transit Officers,” said Mr Claassens.

“Surveys of transport staff show that 44 per cent of all workers have been abused by violent members of the public while they are at work. It’s clear that there are not enough guards or station staff on our trains and stations in the first place and the ones that are there play a vital role in preventing even more violence from occurring.

“This is an example of the Government putting cost cutting ahead of the safety of commuters and transport workers. This decision to leave stations unattended may save a few dollars but will put the safety of commuters and transport workers at even more risk of being subject to violent assault.”

You can read more about this in the Daily Telegraph.

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