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Keep your mates in mind: awards and conditions

May 29, 2015Loco Express

Some unfortunate reports have surfaced recently of workers in some areas taking it upon themselves to undertake duties which are not within their position description as drivers, and are outside of the relevant drivers awards.

The work being undertaken, while it may appear to be innocuous, clearly poses a long-term threat to the majority of drivers, especially given the approaching management reform initiatives.

While it may seem ok to ‘volunteer’ for additional duties outside of your role, this could ultimately be to the detriment of all drivers.

The awards, conditions and entitlements we all enjoy today have been hard fought for over a long period of time by successive generations of drivers and must be protected by all, for all, now and for future generations of drivers.

If you have any concerns about the impact any additional work you do may have on your fellow drivers, please contact your local delegate.