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It’s Time To Vote On The New EAs

Sep 5, 2014Bulletins

The final step in the EA process is the ballot to determine whether application for certification of the Sydney Trains or NSW Agreement will be made along with execution of the deed. Ballot papers have been forwarded to member’s home addresses this week. Members have two weeks to complete the ballot paper and forward it in accordance with the written instructions.

It Is Important That Every Union Member Votes

It is vitally important that every member’s view be heard and counted. Whether you want to vote your Agreement “up” or “down”, it is critical your vote and your views are recorded. Leaving your decision for someone else to make is not an option, because only you can clearly express your views.

Failing to vote sends a message that you don’t care and this is not a message we should be sending to either management or the Government.

It is expected that the result of the ballot will be known within three days of the close of the ballot on Wednesday, 17 September 2014.

If you do not receive a ballot paper, you must contact one of the following addresses:

Counting Of The Vote & Scrutineering

Conducting The Ballot

Election Consulting Group has been engaged to conduct the EA ballots for Sydney Trains and NSW Trains. The Election Consulting Group provides business process services for the successful planning and conduct of Election, Ballots and surveys, to Companies, Government, not-for profit organisations, Universities, Associations, Credit Unions and Superannuation organisations.

For more information about the Election Consulting Group go to: http://www.electionconsulting.com.au/

Scrutineering Of The Ballot

The CRU will have scrutineers present at the counting of the ballot on Friday, 19 and Monday, 22 September 2014.

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