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Issues with Employee Opal Cards

Jun 10, 2021News

Bulletin No. 23.21

Some employee issued OPAL cards might not have been working, with Transport for NSW prematurely deactivating them before members have received their new and active OPAL cards.

If your OPAL card does not work, you should show the card to the Station Staff, Bus Driver, or other staff member and politely explain the situation.

We have made an initial request for more information about what process is to be put in place to fix this and have not received a response.

The only advice provided was a communication sent by Transport for NSW that explained the situation but failed to provide any solutions or guidance for members.

If there are any operational issues, such as delays in sign-on or sign-off times, members will be fully supported by their Union.  Please be aware that CCTV cameras cover all gates at stations and all buses.

If you require further information, please contact your Delegate, Organiser or the RTBU Head Office.

Finally, if you have changed your address, personal email address, phone number and or work location please contact the RTBU Head Office now.

Authorised by:
Alex Claassens
Branch Secretary

Please click HERE to download the bulletin.

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