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Inquiry confirms what commuters already know: bus privatisation is bad

Sep 20, 2022Media releases News

Media release, 20 September 2022: A parliamentary inquiry into the privatisation of Sydney buses has confirmed what bus drivers and commuters have been saying for a long time – that the privatisation of our public transport leads to a poorer service for commuters and workers.

The Legislative Council’s Portfolio Committee No. 6 – Transport today handed down its report on the

privatisation of bus services which finds that bus services have become less accessible, less affordable and less reliable under privatisation.

The report recommends that the NSW Government to take action to put the recently privatised bus services back in government hands.

Tram and Bus Division Secretary of the Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) NSW, David Babineau said the NSW Government doesn’t just owe commuters and bus drivers and apology for its actions, but needs to outline what exactly it will do to rectify the problem.

“We didn’t need an inquiry to tell us that bus privatisation has been a disaster, but it’s fantastic to see it there in black and white for our government Ministers to see,” Mr Babineau said.

“The justification was fabricated, the touted savings remain theoretical, and the harm to workers and the travelling public has been immediate and widespread”

“Bus drivers did everything we possibly could to try and convince the NSW Government that its privatisation plans were a disaster waiting to happen, but the government simply didn’t want to listen because they don’t govern for you and me, they govern for their mates in business.

“It’s not good enough that our state’s bus services are less reliable, accessible and affordable under a privatised system. Providing good quality public transport is a basic responsibility of government, but that responsibility is being consistently and arrogantly ignored by the Perrottet Government at the moment.”

Click here to see the full report.