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Important update: offer received. Your feedback required

Jan 23, 2018News

We’ve been meeting with Sydney and NSW Trains management again today in an attempt to reach a resolution.

After much negotiation, they have now come to the table with an offer for you to consider.

A summary of that offer can be found here: bit.ly/trainsoffer and on the homepage of RTBU Express after 6pm www.rtbuexpress.com.au




Tonight, we will be sending a text message to all members who have provided the union with their mobile phone number.

That text message will ask a simple question:

Is the offer on the table (bit.ly/trainsoffer) good enough that you want to temporarily stop your industrial action?  

Respond ‘YES’ if you think we should temporarily stop the action. DO NOT RESPOND if you think the action this week should go ahead. No response = a ‘NO’ vote.

If the majority of members vote to suspend the action, the RTBU will immediately file for an extension of the 30-day period we have in which to take protected industrial action. We will suspend the overtime ban and 24-hour stoppage planned for Thursday and Monday respectively; plan a tour of depots to discuss the offer; and continue negotiations in an attempt to further improve on the offer.

If the majority of members vote no (by not responding to the message), we will continue with the indefinite overtime ban starting on Thursday and the 24-hour stoppage on Monday, and continue to try and negotiate with management.

With the overtime action scheduled imminently, we need to move quickly on this. Please respond to the text message by 12pm NOON, WEDNESDAY 24 JANUARY.

It’s is important to note that this is NOT a vote on whether or not to accept the agreement.

These are your wages and conditions, so it is important you have your say. Your RTBU negotiating team is, as always, led by our members.

We will keep you updated as things progress.

Together, we will get a fair deal.

In Solidarity,

Your RTBU team.