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Jul 3, 2020News

The current board of RT Health is putting the fund up for sale.

The RT Health board has issued a tender calling for other insurance funds to buy RT Health outright or to merge with it.

This is means your health fund is at serious risk of being demutualised and taken over by a private business.

If that happens, RT Health will no longer be run for you: it will run for the profit of its new owners and shareholders.

RT Health has operated for almost 130 years. It was created by rail workers for workers. The current board wants to change all that.

The RTBU has been in discussions with the RT Health board over the past six months and has managed to get one of our own, Bruce Mackie, appointed to the board to ensure your interests are represented.

But despite our best efforts, the other members of the board continue to take actions behind our back to undermine the combined RTBU/RT Health membership – and we need to stop them.

We want to make sure your health insurer remains as a mutual fund – owned by members, and operated for the benefit of members.

In order to stop this tender process, we first need to know exactly how many of our members are also members of RT Health. So if you are an RT Health member please complete the survey in the link:

START SURVEY (1 min to complete)

It may be that the only way to protect your interests and stop the sale of RT Health is by forcing an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to discuss the issue.  If that happens, then we are likely to come back to you and ask you to proxy us as your decision maker for that process.

Together, we will protect RT Health and ensure it stays there to benefit you.