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Identification Badge Dispute in FWC

Mar 5, 2014RTBU News

The dispute in relation to member’s given name being displayed on identification badges has been lodged in Fair Work Commission (FWC) today and has the listing date for Friday 7th March at 10am.

The dispute was unable to resolve the dispute at Unions NSW. At a meeting with Unions NSW Station Staff representatives put a number of options to Sydney Trains. Unfortunately Sydney Trains refused to consider the suggestions put forward.

The options put forward were:

  • Station Staff be given the choice to have a number or their given name displayed on the identification badge
  • Station Staff to have a ‘Preferred Name” displayed on the identification badge.
  • A risk assessment is conducted at all stations.

Station Staff have the right to work in a safe environment and Sydney Trains are not meeting this obligation in many of the areas. There have been incidents where Station Staff have had photos of them published on FaceBook with their name showing and mentioned in an MX columns titled ‘Vent Your Spleen’ and ‘Here’s Lookin At You’. In addition, Station Staff have had incidents where they have been abused by name in shopping centres whilst they are with their families and stalked at their places of work due to the stalker having knowledge of their given name.

When some of these examples were given to Sydney Trains, the only response was for the Station Staff to report the incidents to the SCM where they will be likely to be transferred to another station. These are hardly well thought out solutions.

Sydney Trains are also relying on a WHS Risk Assessment that was conducted at Central Station. The RTBU believes this assessment does not meet the requirements under the act which clearly sets out the requirements of consultation under Part 5; Consultation, Representation and Participation. This section requires Sydney Trains to consult, how the consultation should be conducted and when consultation is required.

The RTBU conducted a survey where members told us that only 1% had any knowledge of a risk assessment being conducted and no one was informed of the results. In addition the WHS Committee had no discussion about this risk assessment.

If members have any questions or comment, please contact your local Delegate or the RTBU office.

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