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Help us stop the attacks on working people?

Nov 20, 2017News

Dear RTBU members,

This is an update on the Turnbull government attacks against working people.

We have bogged down the five pieces of anti-worker legislation in the Senate.   

The attacks are delayed, but not over. There is a one week break and then the Senate comes back for two final weeks this year.

The efforts of so many people in calling and sending messages on social media and via email have been effective. Your efforts are why these bills have not passed, Senators have had second thoughts.

Great work.

But there’s more to do. In one week, Parliament will be back. The bills are still on the agenda. Contact key crossbench Senators now.

Even though Michaelia Cash will be hauled before an inquiry over the raids on the AWU offices there are two bills that give her and the ROC more power.  Clearly this politicized agency already has too much power.

Malcolm Turnbull is committed to pushing ahead with his plan to hand your superannuation to the big banks and has three bills in the senate that will give them power over your retirement savings.

New Senators are replacing Jacqui Lambie and Nick Xenophon, so we need to redouble our efforts to make sure these bills do not pass.

Our goal is simple. These bills must not pass.

We need one big push next week to stop these five bills passing in those final two weeks. Contact key crossbench Senators now.

There’s one simple message; we’ve had enough of the attacks on working people.

In Unity, 

Sally McManus  

ACTU Secretary

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