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Greens release IR platform. How does it stack up?

Jul 17, 2018News

The national Greens party recently released its industrial relations platform, titled ‘Good work: The Greens’ 10 industrial relations principles for re-writing our labour laws’.

Below is an overview of the Greens party’s key principles. You can see more detail on their website here.

Our industrial relations laws are broken and must be rewritten to ensure the following principles are met. Details about each of these principles follows.

  1. Labour laws must reduce inequality in society
  2. Workers should be paid and treated equally for the same kind of work
  3. Everyone should have the right to decent work
  4. People should have greater control over their working lives, which means no more shifting of risk and insecurity onto workers and everyday people
  5. Workers should be able to bargain at the level they want
  6. Migration laws and free trade deals should not be able to undercut local labour laws
  7. The composition of the workforce must be reflective of the population
  8. The government must not use the law to attack working people and their unions
  9. Union rights should be enshrined in law 
  10. There must be an independent workplace commission and an easy way of enforcing labour laws

So how do they stack up against our Australian Union asks? You can see for yourself by clicking on this flyer from the ACTU’s Change the Rules campaign.

The RTBU is a strong supporter of the Australian Unions Change the Rules campaign. If you haven’t already signed up to the campaign, go to https://changetherules.org.au/

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