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Government funding needs to start prioritising Sydney’s west

Oct 14, 2019Loco Express News

An article from the Sydney Morning Herald has suggested that Sydney’s Metro West is just a way to funnel more commuters into Pyrmont, the supposed hub of Sydney in need of urgent saving.

Meanwhile, the rest of Sydney suffers with no end in sight as the NSW Government narrows its focus to “job-rich centres”.

Additional lobby groups and businesses including Star Casino and the Sydney Business Chamber are pushing for the Pyrmont Metro station, saying that the brief walk is detrimental to job creation in the area. However, these groups appear to conveniently forget that a 15 minute walk is nothing compared to the hour-long walk from Lethbridge Park to its nearest train station, Mt Druitt.

The government has accepted that a suburb with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country is where all its money should be concentrated. Rather than creating jobs where the people are, the people are being herded towards one of the most densely populated suburbs with the densest job concentrations in the country.

“It would be nice if they spent all the funds spent bettering an already thriving hotspot on the western suburbs where people are losing out. The Bankstown line has only worsened as the government’s plans have expanded,” said RTBU NSW Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden.

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