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Global support for Aurizon workers

Mar 13, 2014Loco Express

Messages of support for Aurizon workers, who have been forced to take protected industrial action in order to get a fair agreement, have been flying in from all over the world.

Click on the links below to see the letters of support from around the globe.

Click here to see the letter of support from the National Federation of Indian Railwaymen

Click here to see the letter of support from the Transports, Communications and Sea Workers Federation TCM – UGT

Click here to see the letter of support from the Korean Federation of Public services and Transportation Workers’ Unions

Click here to see the message of support from the Ethiopian Transport and Communications Workers’ Union Industrial Federation

Click here to see the letter of support from the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF)

See RTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva’s response the the ITF here

Email of support from Norway below –

Dear comrades and friends !

We have been informed through the ITF about your ongoing strike at Aurizon and the announced lockout by the company. The National Union of Norwegian Locomotivemen strongly condemns the lockout action taken by the company and supports the strike actions taken by the RTBU.

Fighting for better and more predictable rosters is important, especially for mobile workers and workers performing safety duties. This is about the right to have a proper family life, but also about upholding railway safety. The employers tend to blame workers if accidents occur. They have the responsibility to organize the working hours and rosters so that this does not happen.

We wish you all success in your just fight!

In solidarity

Rolf Jorgensen, Chairman National Union of Norwegian Locomotivemen;
Oystein aslaksen, International secretary National Union of Norwegian Locomotivemen

The National Union of Norwegian Locomotive drivers organize locomotive drivers in all Norwegian railway companies. The union density is 100%. We have a good cooperation with the Norwegian Railway workers union.


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